Getting and Applying License Files to a Catalyst 4XXX SUP Card

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  • Obtain the license files in the same way as with Nexus Switches
  • Connect to the serial console
  • Check current license status with sho ver command
  • Connect the Mgmt-Interface to the network
  • Configure the network (e.g.
    • conf t
    • interface FastEthernet 1
    • ip address
    • no shutdown
    • exit
  • Check IP connectivity to TFTP server (e.g.
    • ping vrf mgmtVrf (check vrf name wich sho run command)
  • Set Mgmt interface as interface to use for TFTP transfer:
    • conf t
    • ip tftp source-interface FastEthernet 1
    • exit
  • Copy the .lic file from TFTP server
    • copy tftp: bootflash:
  • Apply the license
    • license install bootflash:<filename>.lic
  • Reload the switch, do not save config
  • Check if the license has been applied correctly using the sho ver command