Getting and Applying License Files to Nexus 7000 / Nexus 5000 Switches

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Getting the License

  • You need to have the Cisco Software License Claim Certificate at hand
  • Log in to
  • Go to License Administration Portal / Product License Registration
  • Click Get New Licenses From a PAK or Token and enter the Product Authorization Key that's to be found on the Cisco Software License Claim Certificate
  • Click Fulfill Single PAK / Token
  • Tick the box in column Quantity Available
  • In the Serial Number field, enter the chassis' SN (type show license host-id on the console or check the sticker on the hardware to get the serial number)
  • Click the Assign button
  • Click Next
  • Tick the I agree with the Terms of the License box
  • Click Get License
  • The license file will be emailed to the address associated to the Cisco account. In the confirmation dialogue, click the Download button to instantly download the license file (in case you have no access to the respective email inbox)

Applying the License

  • Unpack the zipfile and transfer the contained .lic file onto the Nexus' bootflash via TFTP. When working on multiple switches, be sure to transfer the right file to the right device, as a license file is only valid for one SN (the SN is contained in the .lic file and can easily be checked, as it's a plain text file)
  • Issue the command install license bootflash:///[NameOfLicenseFile.lic]
  • Check the license has been installed with the command show license