Getting and Applying License Files to ASR 1001 Routers

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The same procedure applies to many more Cisco router series, e.g. the 1900 series routers. The drive names my be different, though (e.g. usbflash0 instead of bootflash, usbflash1 instead of usb1)

  • Obtain the license files in the same way as with Nexus Switches (One exception: On the ASR, you get the Serial and UDI No with the command show license udi, the command show license host-id does not exist here.)
  • Copy the .lic file to a USB thumb drive and insert the drive into the ASR's USB port.
  • On the ASR, switch to enable and copy the .lic file to the bootflash drive: copy usb1: bootflash:
  • Apply the license using the following command: license install bootflash:<filename>.lic
  • Check if the license has been applied correctly using the sho license command