Upgrading Firmware on Opengear CM4200 Series Console Servers

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  • Connect to the device's serial console port like explained here: Cabling_and_Configuring_Opengear_CM4148#Cabling_2
  • Connect the device's network port NETWORK 1 to your network. There must be a DHCP server running.
  • On the serial console, log in with user name root and password default
  • Type the command ifconfig and check the IP address that was assigned to interface eth0 (that's NETWORK 1) through DHCP.
  • Open that IP address in a browser over https.
  • On the web interface, login with the same credentials as above
  • Click SystemFirmware
  • Select the firmware image file and click Apply
  • Wait for the upgrade process to finish
  • If after 10 minutes the Power and Online LEDs are off and the device won't reboot by itself, disconnect it from power for two minutes and turn it back on again.
  • Check the new firmware version has been applied through the web interface.