The difference between a SC/PC and SC/APC adapter

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The most visible difference between the two adapters is color. Most singlemode SC/PC adapters are blue and SC/APC adapters are green.
This allows for quick identification, especially when used in distribution panels so the end-user inserts the correct connector type. Often users cannot see the connector plugged in on the backside of the panels, therefore the color indicates the SC connector that’s required.
SC connectors correspond with the adapter; most singlemode SC/APC connectors have green outer shells while singlemode SC/PC connectors have blue outer shells.

SC/APC adapters use premium zirconia split sleeves to achieve the tightest tolerance possible providing critical alignment of the two angle polished ferrules. Whether it is a singlemode SC/PC or SC/APC connector be sure to choose a zirconia (ceramic) sleeve material rather than a phosphor bronze or polymer. The zirconia alignment sleeves have a tighter tolerance and better elasticity, maintaining tight tolerances after several matings.