Password Recovery for Nexus Switches

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  • On a Windows PC, change the keyboard layout to en-US
  • Connect to the Nexus switch directly via serial console (not over ssh/telnet/Opengear etc.) using TeraTerm or PuTTY

The above two steps are not required any longer. Issueing the break sequence with a german keyboard through an Opengear console session works fine (Strg + AltGr + 9).

  • Power on the device
  • Wait until kickstart image has booted and the POST messages have appeared.
  • Right after the massage Checking all filesystems....r. done. has appeared, issue the break sequence to get to the switch(boot)# prompt.
    • The break sequence is Ctrl + ], i.e. hold the Control-Key and hit the closing square bracket.
    • On a german keyboard (with US keymap activated) the Control-Key is Strg and the closing square bracket ist on the + * ~ - Key.
  • Enter the conf t command
  • Type admin-password Ad123min
  • Type exit
  • Type dir bootflash: to view bootflash content
  • Boot the system image, for example load bootflash:n5000-uk9.5.1.3.N2.1b.bin
  • Enter the switch with username admin and Password Ad123min
  • Save configuration: copy running-config startup-config

The following steps are if you want to delete all previous added configs.

  • Type write erase to delete all configs.
  • Type reload to restart system.
  • Save configuration: copy running-config startup-config