Password Recovery for Fortinet FortiGate Firewalls

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  • Connect to the serial console of the FortiGate unit (9600-1-1)
  • Boot up the FortiGate unit
  • as username, enter maintainer
  • as password, enter bcpb + SerialNo
  • E.g. if the SerialNo is FG100ETK18036180, the password is bcpbFG100ETK18036180
  • This has to be done within 14 seconds after the logon prompt appears
  • Once logged in, you can either
    • execute the command execute factory reset to set the unit to factory defaults, afterwards the password for the admin user will be empty.
    • if you want to keep the config, change the admin user's password using the command set
# config system admin
edit admin
set password
  • type get system status to display information about the SerialNo, FortiOS version, etc.