Password Recovery for Fortinet FortiAnalyzer Devices

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!!! This procedure erases all configuration on the FortiAnalyzer / FortiGate unit !!!

!!! You have to have firmware file (a supported version) for the device you are resetting !!!

!!! You have to have a TFTP server running in your network !!!

  • Put the firmware file in the root directory of your TFTP server
  • Connect to the unit's serial console (9600-1-1)
  • Power up up the unit
  • When you see the mesage Press any key to display configuration menu..., hit ENTER
  • Type F to format the boot device
  • Type G to get the firmware file from the TFTP server
  • Enter the IP address of the TFTP server
  • Enter the IP address for the FortiGate/Analyzer unit (any free IP address on the same network)
  • Enter the file name of the firmware file (e.g. FAZ_200D-v6-build0457-FORTINET.out)
  • Wait for the firmware file to load and install
  • Log in with username admin and no password
  • To be sure all configuration is gone, enter
    • on FortiGate units: execute factory-reset
    • on FortiAnalyzer units: execute reset all-settings
  • the unit will reboot
  • log in with username admin and no password
  • Type get system status to display information about SerialNo, FortiOS version, etc.