Password Recovery for Aironet Access Points

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CAUTION: This Procedure erases all configuration as well (which is not a problem if the access point (AP) is running in "lightweight mode", as all the config is stored on the WLAN controller in that case)

  • Connect to the AP with a serial console cable
  • Hold the MODE button
  • Connect the power cord
  • Keep holding the MODE button and watch the AP boot until the LED turns red
  • Wait until you get to the ap: prompt
  • Type dir flash: and identify the files private-multiple-fs and env_vars
  • rename those two files:
    • rename flash:private-multiple-fs flash:old_private-multiple-fs
    • rename flash:env_vars flash:old_env_vars
    • Type dir flash: to verify the files have been successfully renamed
  • Type reset and confirm with y to reset the AP
  • The AP will reboot now. Don't hold the MODE button this time.
  • When you get to the login prompt, login with username/password Cisco / Cisco (note the capital "C"). The enable password is Cisco as well.