Not supported hardware of the WS-SUP32-GE-3B

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the following hardware is not supported by the WS-SUP32-GE-3B.


•WS-F6K-PFC3BXL—Policy Feature Card 3BXL (PFC3BXL)

•Distributed Forwarding Cards (DFCs) (installed DFCs do not power up with a Supervisor Engine 32)

•Switch Fabric Modules

•These switching modules:

–WS-X6704-10GE—4-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet XENPAK

–WS-X6748-SFP—48-port Gigabit Ethernet SFP

–WS-X6724-SFP—24-port Gigabit Ethernet SFP

–WS-X6816-GBIC—16-port Gigabit Ethernet GBIC

–WS-X6748-GE-TX—48-port 10/100/1000 RJ-45

•7600-SIP-600—SPA Interface Processor-600

•Optical Services Modules (OSMs)

•These service modules:

–WS-SVC-AON-1-K9—Application-Oriented Networking Module

–WS-SVC-AGM-1-K9—Anomaly Guard Module

–WS-SVC-ADM-1-K9—Traffic Anomaly Detector Module

–WS-SVC-MWAM-1—Multi-Processor WAN Application Module

•Supervisor Engine 32 does not support these software features and commands:

–Protocol independent multicast (PIM) snooping designated-router flooding configurability

–NetFlow version 9

–Egress multicast replication

–Multicast replication mode detection

–All fabric configuration commands