Loading a configuration onto a JunOS device

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  • Copy your config file to a FAT32 formatted USB thumb drive (the drive must contain exactly one partition that stretches over the whole device)
  • Boot up the Juniper device and connect to its serial console
  • You should see a root> prompt
    • (If, right after login, you already are in shell mode (root@%) and the exit command will only log you out instead of bringing you into command mode (root>), you can issue the cli comamnd to get there.)
  • Type start shell to get the root@% prompt
  • Create a mount directory: mkdir /mnt/usb
  • Plug in the USB drive and mount it: mount -t msdosfs /dev/da1s1 /mnt/usb
  • Type exit to exit the shell
  • From the root> prompt enter configure to get into config mode (you'll see a root# prompt)
  • Variant A:
    • Use the following command to load the configuration: load override /mnt/usb/<config file name>
  • Variant B:
    • Type load override terminal to paste in configuration commands (the Cisco way)
    • Type [ENTER] and then [Ctrl-D] to exit load mode
  • Type commit to activate the loaded configuration and exit config mode with the exit command
  • Unmount the USB drive (umount /mnt/usb in shell mode) before unplugging it