Loading IOS on a WS-X45-SUP7L-E from ROMMON

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This is how to load an IOS image on a WS-X45-SUP7L-E (probably works for other SUPs as well) from the ROMMON> prompt via TFTP and (optionally) installing it afterwards.

  • Connect to the serial console of the SUP
  • Connect the MGMT interface of the SUP to the network
  • Turn on the chassis and wait for the device to stop at the ROMMON> prompt
  • Configure network connectivity from ROMMON (IPs are just examples)
    • set ip route default
    • set interface fa1
    • Test connectivity: ping
  • Boot IOS image via network (TFTP)
    • boot tftp://
  • Configure network connectivity from within IOS (IPs are just examples)
    • Enter configuration mode
    • interface FastEthernet 1
    • ip address
    • no shutdown
    • Test connectivity: ping vrf mgmtVrf (check vrf name first)
  • Format boot flash: format bootflash:
  • Define interface to be used for TFTP protocol:
    • Enter configuration mode
    • ip tftp source-interface FastEthernet 1
  • Copy IOS image to bootflash
    • copy tftp: bootflash:
  • Reload the SUP without saving the changes.