Loading IOS on a Sup32

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Step 1: en to get into the privileged mode

Step 2: conf t to get into the configuration mode.

Step 3: interface gigabit 0/9 to get on the interface.

Step 4: ip address <IP-Address><Subnetmask> to reassign a ip-address.

Step 5: no shutdown to activate the interface

Step 6: exit to leave the interface- configuration mode.

Step 7: exit to leave the configuration mode.

Step 8: ping <destination IP-Address> to check the connection to your computer.

Step 9: copy tftp: disk0: to copy your IOS on disk0.

Step 10: Enter the IP-Address of your TFTP- server in.

Step 11: Type the name of the IOS in.

Step 12: Approve your enty an confirm with the Enter- Key.

now appear many !!!!!!!!! and the IOS will be transferred