Loading IOS on Access Server (e.g. AS2509-RJ, AS2511-RJ)

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Step 1 Enter the following commands to set the configuration register to 0x2101 and reload to the bootstrap image:

Router# config terminal
Router(config)# config-reg 0x2101
Router(config)# end
Router# reload

Step 2 Enter yes in response to the prompt asking if the system configuration has been modified:

  1. System configuration has been modified. Save? yes

Step 3 At the router prompt, enter enable:

Router(boot)> enable

Step 4 configure the interface

Router#configure terminal
Router(config)#interface Ethernet 0
Router(config-if)#ip address
Router(config-if)#no shut

Step 5 At the router prompt, enter the following command to copy the new software image from TFTP:

Router(boot)# copy tftp flash
Address or name of remote host []?
Source filename []? c2500-i-l.120-5.T
Destination filename [c2500-i-l.120-5.T]? hit enter

Step 6 Enter the following commands to reset the configuration register to 0x2102.

Router(boot)(config)# config terminal
Router(boot)(config)# config-reg 0x2102
Router(boot)(config)# end

Step 7 Enter the reload command to reload the router:

Router# reload

Caution If you upgraded a CiscoPro CPA2500 router, do not save the configuration when prompted.