End-of-sale for Cisco PIX 515 Firewall Platform

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Part Number Description
PIX-515 PIX 515 Chassis only
PIX-515-DC PIX 515 DC Powered Firewall Appliance
PIX-515-FO-BUN PIX 515 FO Bundle (Chassis, failover SW, 2 FE ports)
PIX-515-R-BUN PIX 515 R Bundle (Chassis, restricted SW, 2 FE ports)
PIX-515-R-DMZ-BUN PIX 515 R DMZ Bundle (Chassis, restricted SW, 3 FE ports)
PIX-515-UR-BUN PIX 515 UR Bundle (Chassis, unrestricted SW, 2 FE ports)
PIX-515-DC-R-BUN PIX 515-R DC Bundle (Chassis, R software, two 10/100 ports)
PIX-515-DC-UR-BUN PIX 515-UR DC Bundle(Chassis, UR software, two 10/100 ports)

Product Substitution The recommended replacement product for the PIX 515 is the PIX 515E. This platform offers enhanced performance and integrated hardware-based IPSec acceleration (certain models) at a comparable price point. The PIX 515E uses a high-performance 433-MHz Intel Pentium Celeron processor, compared with the 200-MHz Intel Pentium MMX processor of the PIX 515-providing up to 36 percent improvement in firewall throughput. In addition, the PIX 515E sports the same low-profile 1-rack unit (RU) chassis. PIX 515E systems support the same type and quantity of interfaces that are supported on the Cisco PIX 515 Firewall.

EOS Product Replacement Product Replacement Product Description
PIX-515 PIX-515E PIX 515E chassis only
PIX-515-DC PIX-515E-DC PIX 515E DC power chassis only
PIX-515-FO-BUN PIX-515E-FO-BUN PIX 515E FO Bundle (chassis, failover software, and 2 Fast Ethernet ports)
PIX-515-R-BUN PIX-515E-R-BUN PIX 515E R Bundle (chassis, restricted software, and 2 Fast Ethernet ports)
PIX-515-R-DMZ-BUN PIX-515E-R-DMZ-BUN PIX 515E DMZ Bundle (chassis, restricted software, and 3 Fast Ethernet ports)
PIX-515-UR-BUN PIX-515E-UR-BUN PIX 515E UR Bundle (chassis, unrestricted software, 2 Fast Ethernet ports)
PIX-515-DC-R-BUN PIX-515E-DC-R-BUN PIX 515E DC Power R Bundle (chassis, restricted software, and 2 Fast Ethernet ports)

For more information about the Cisco PIX Firewall Series, visit:

Upgrade Path Cisco offers an aggressive upgrade path called the Technology Migration Program (TMP). This program enables Cisco customers to upgrade their existing Cisco or competitive network equipment. Contact your local Cisco sales representative or Cisco reseller for more information, or visit

Support Cisco will continue to provide support through the SMARTnet™ service program. Customers with SMARTnet service contracts are entitled to 24-hour phone support through the TAC and advance replacement of hardware. Cisco is committed to providing hardware support for this product for a period of five years after the end-of-sale date.

End-of-Sale Schedule End of Sale: May 24, 2002 (No longer available for purchase)

End of Software Support: May 24, 2005

End of Hardware Support: May 24, 2007 (hardware repairs or exchanges are no longer available)

If you have any questions regarding these changes, contact the Cisco TAC at tac@cisco.com.