Cisco Catalyst 6509-V-E

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The Catalyst 6509-V-E switch is an enhanced version of the Catalyst 6509-NEB-A switch. The 9-slot vertical chassis supports redundant power supplies, redundant supervisor engines, redundant fan trays, and slots for up to eight modules. It also supports a greater power capacity per slot than the Catalyst 6509-NEB-A switch chassis.

Video Datasheet

Cisco Catalyst 6509-V-E Datasheet

Supervisor engines

The Cisco6509-V-E switch have nine vertical slots being numbered from 1 (right) to 9 (left).

Supported supervisor engines in the Cisco WS-C6509-V-E switch:

Note: Redundant supervisor engines must be configured identically.

Fan trays

Supported Fan trays in the WS-C6509-V-E series

  • High-speed fan tray
    • WS-C6509-V-E-FAN

Power supplies

Supported power supplies in the Cisco WS-C6509-V-E switch

  • Supports one or two power supplies. The following models are supported:
  • 2500 W AC-input power supply
    • WS-CAC-2500W
  • 2500 W DC-input power supply
    • WS-CDC-2500W
  • 3000 W AC-input power supply
    • WS-CAC-3000W
  • 4000 W AC-input power supply
    • WS-CAC-4000W-US
  • 4000 W AC-input power supply
    • WS-CAC-4000W-INT
  • 4000 W DC-input power supply
    • PWR-4000-DC
  • 6000 W AC-input power supply
    • WS-CAC-6000W
  • 8700 W AC-input power supply
    • WS-CAC-8700W-E