Cisco7604 router

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Supervisor engines

Cisco7604 front
Cisco7604 rear

The Cisco7604 router has four horizontal slots being numbered from top to bottom and measures 5 rack units (5 RU).
While slot 1 is reserved for the supervisor engine, slot 2 can contain an optional redundant supervisor engine.
!!! Note: When installing a redundant supervisor engine, both supervisor engines must be identical.
!!! Note: The GBIC uplink ports are fully functional on the redundant supervisor engine in stand by.
If a redundant supervisor engine is not required, slot two can be equipped with any supported cisco7600 series / catalyst 6500 series module.

Supported supervisor engines in the Cisco7604 router

  • Route switch processor 720
    • RSP720-3C-GE
    • RSP720-3CXL-GE

!!! Note: While being supported in the Cisco7603 router, the supervisor engine 2 is not supported in the ciso7604 router

Power supplies and power entry modules

No power entry modules are needed with the cisco7604 router. It has two power supply slots on the back of the chassis, with the power supply 1 being installed on the bottom and the optional redundant power supply 2 being installed in the upper of the two slots.

Supported spower supplies in the Cisco7604 router

  • 2700 watt AC-input power supply
    • PWR-2700-AC/4
  • 2700 watt DC-input power supply
    • PWR-2700-DC/4

Fan trays

Supported fan trays in the Cisco7604 router

  • high speed fan module
    • FAN-MOD-4HS

!!! Note: As a result of the sup 32 being the minimum required supervisor engine for the Cisco7604, no standard fan tray is supported in any cisco7604 configuration.