Available GSR PRP memory configurations and memory partnumbers

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Note: Do not mix memory sizes. If installing 2 DIMMs, both DIMMs must be the same size.

Note: Default SDRAM configuration is 512 MB. Bank 1 (U15) must be populated first. You can use one or both banks to configure SDRAM combinations of 512 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB.

Note: One 512-MB DIMM is the default shipping configuration.

Note: 1.5 GB MB memory size is not supported.

Route Memory Configurations Available for Cisco 12000 Series Router PRP
Total Route Memory Cisco Product Number DIMM Modules SDRAM DIMM Sockets
512 MB Default SDRAM config. 1 x 512-MB DIMM U15
1 GB MEM-PRP-512= 2 x 512-MB DIMMs U15 und U18
1 GB MEM-PRP-1G= 1 x 1-GB DIMM U15
1.5 GB not supported
2 GB 2MEM-PRP-1G= 2 x 1-GB DIMMs U15 und U18