Available GSR GRP memory configurations and memory partnumbers

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- Note: Do not mix memory sizes. If installing 2 DIMMs, both DIMMs must be the same size.
- Note: The partnumber MEM-GRP/LC-256 is no longer available. Replace it with Cisco Product Number MEM-GRP-256.
- Note: The partnumber MEM-GRP-25 is only compatible with GRP-B's.
- Note: GRP route memory configurations of 512 MB are only compatible with Product Number GRP-B=. Cisco IOS Release 12.0(19)S or 12.0(19)ST or later and ROMMON Release 11.2 (181) or later are also required.

Route Memory Configurations Available for Cisco 12000 Series Router GRP
Total Route Memory Cisco Product Number DIMM Modules DRAM DIMM Sockets
64 MB MEM-GRP/LC-64= 1 x 64-MB DIMM U39 or U42
128 MB MEM-GRP/LC-128= 1 x 128-MB DIMM U39
256 MB MEM-GRP/LC-256= 2 x 128-MB DIMMs U39 und U42
256 MB MEM-GRP-256= 1 x 256-MB DIMM U39
512 MB MEM-GRP-512= 2 x 256-MB DIMMs U39 und U42