Applying a configuration file to a 25XX WLAN controller

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  • General Assunption: Device is unconfigured
  • Connect device to serial console
  • Connect device to network (port 1)
  • Finish basic config wizard on console as described here
  • Put the config file you want to apply into your TFTP server's root directory

Apply config via browser interface

  • Connect to device's static IP address via https
  • Log in using credentials used in config wizard
  • Click Advanced in top left corner
  • Click Commands, then Download File
    • File Type: Configuration
    • Configuration File Encryption: No
    • Transfer Mode: TFTP
    • IP Address:
    • Maximum retries: 10
    • Timeout (seconds): 6
    • File Path: /
    • File Name: whatever.cfg
  • Click Download
  • Config file will be loaded onto the device, applied and system reset

Apply config via command line interface

  • Connect to the serial console and log in
  • transfer download datatype config
  • transfer download mode tftp
  • transfer download serverip
  • transfer download path .
  • transfer download filename configfile.conf
  • transfer download start